OG Kush Delta-10 THC Kief Dusted Pre-Rolls


Our OG Kush Delta-10 THC Kief Dusted Pre-Rolls is a Hybrid strain that is infused with premium Delta-10 THC, and is hand-painted and dusted with Kief. In addition, they feature an amazing terpene flavor profile and come with 2 pre-rolls per pack.

This strain has a light cerebral invigoration that is known for having more uplifting properties, yet not too overwhelming. Our pre-rolls come already rolled up and ready to smoke.



OG Kush Delta-10 THC Kief Dusted Pre-Rolls

Additional Product Information

Suggested use: Take the pre-roll out of the package. Ignite with flame and inhale 1-3 times. Wait 30 minutes before smoking again to establish individual tolerance.

Ingredients: Delta-10 THC, Terpenes

Flavor Profile: Fresh pine and warm earth with hints of lemon

Strain: Hybrid

Caviar Collection

Our Caviar Collection features premium Delta-10 THC pre-rolls that have been hand-painted and dusted with Kief. What this means is that the pre-roll has been hand painted with Hemp oil. The Hemp oil makes the pre-roll sticky which makes it easy for it to be dusted with Kief. However, these pre-rolls are not for the faint of heart, this makes the pre-rolls extremely dank and produce a one-of-a-kind experience.

Delta-10 THC Hybrid Strains

The 3 primary strains in Delta-10 THC are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. This strain combines the best of Indica and Sativa. What makes the Hybrid strains very sought after is the fact that they tend to empower the best properties while usually having 1 trait more dominant than the other. The potency of Hybrid strains is the same as Delta-10 THC Indica or Sativa strains.

Is Delta-10 THC Potent?

Although Delta 10-THC is not as potent as Marijuana (Delta-9 THC) the fact that this pre-roll and hand painted with Kief makes it extremely potent. In fact, if you’re not used to high amounts of THC we recommend only taking a couple of puffs at a time.

What is Kief?

THC, CBD, Terpenes, and other substances are found in sticky glands called trichomes on the Hemp plant. Trichomes have a crystal-like appearance. These trichomes become Kief after they dry out and fall off the plant.

OG Kush Delta-10 THC Kief Dusted Pre-Rolls


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